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Wikievents is a consulting and planning company  owned by Pascarelli Group. Is young and dynamic company that looks to the future. The team of Wikievents is composite to professionals whit a long experience in Italy and abroad in public relations, events, tourism, strategic consulting and public affairs. 


Our people & Mission

Our Vision

The Wikievents Group was founded to be a reference point for organizations operating in the main sectors of the economy.Wikievents has been working for several years for the realization of services, consulting, planning and design in the world of tourism, events and trade. 

Creating value for a long time deadline for business and the community. In the next few years, the Wikievents group intends to conquer an important role in the consultancy sector for PMI. 

Business Consulting

We support companies, institutions and organizations to development their business and build or consolidate their reputation, build relationships whit institutions, media and public decision makers or manage a crisis. We are a team of professionals whit a long experience in Italy and abroad in communication, strategic consulting and public affairs. We carry out lobbying and public affairs strategies aimed at fostering collaborative relationships between the world of businesses and associations and that of institutions. The activity of our company consists in creating or implementing the institutional relationships of its customers, capitalizing on its experience of dialogue with central institutions and administrations of local authorities.

Tourism & Events

Wikievents has been providing consulting and planning services in the tourism sector for over 10 years.  We create Incoming & Outgoing packages in partnership with the best international tour operators. We carry out targeted services dedicated to travel agencies and TO, designing tailor-made marketing plans that are considered essential elements such as tourist searches, seasonality, specialization in product niches, the value of offers.We are a production, communication and event organization company with more than 10 years of experience in the sector. Our added value consists in managing a project in all its phases: from the creative idea to the executive production. Realization and management of Expo, congresses and market fairs. We are the ideal partner to create and manage B2B meetings for your company.


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