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About us

Wikievents is a consulting and planning company founded in 2012 owned by Pascarelli Group property.  Is young and dynamic company that looks to the future. The team of Wikievents is composite to professionals whit a long experience in Italy and abroad in communication, public relations, events, strategic consulting and public affairs. Wikievents Group support companies, institutions and organizations to build or consolidate their reputation, build relationships whit institutions, media and public decision makers or manage a crisis.



Creating value for a long time deadline for business and the community. In the next few years, the Wikievents group intends to conquer an important role in the consultancy sector for PMI, and to be recognized as a preferential partner by the most motivated, dynamic and eager to evolve and assert itself entrepreneurial realities.


The Wikievents Group was founded to be a reference point for organizations operating in the main sectors of the economy. Wikievents has been working for several years for the realization of services, consulting, planning and design in the world of tourism, events and trade. 

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