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The Consulting Service for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

Wikievents is a reality that deals among other things with consultancy for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies. Very often this category of companies turns to us thanks to our skills; The knowledge of web-marketing and the tourist know-how acquired over the years thanks to the many years of experience of a management of collaborators and salesmen, becoming a point of reference for users of local and national tourism.

For this type of service, we are specialized in the search for new markets and ad hoc structures with absolutely advantageous conditions, thanks to the large number of commercial relationships that we can maintain, every day, with the best Italian structures and the best tourist services realities in the various Italian and European territories.

How can we be useful to your business reality?

If you have a Tour Operator that needs to expand its portfolio, open new markets, or select partners, large chains, or hotel facilities, you can contact us and through a targeted strategic support action we will find the solution to grow in the national tourism market and international your company.

Our Network knows no geographical limits, we have partner companies, collaborators, and points of reference in the main countries of global tourist attraction.

What services do we provide in the B2B TOURISM sector?


In an increasingly competitive global market, subjected to stress and sudden change, being present and proactively overseeing the territory allows you to provide timely and immediate assistance to improve the sales performance.

• Organization of events, workshops, product presentations (B2B and B2C)

• Communication and public relations strategies

• Dedicated Press Office for campaigns and press conferences

• Creation of advertising campaigns

• Production and distribution of newsletters (B2B and B2C)

• Definitions of E-learning programs with specialized agencies

• Digital Marketing

• Crisis Management support


We know very well the expectations of our customers, with whom we have always had a proactive and synergistic approach, and we know equally well the needs of the tourism sector. Our tailor-made services for the customer are be the following;

• Strategic and Operational Marketing

• Search for local and international partners

• Implementation of sales and marketing plans

• Marketing Intelligence: competitor analysis

• Web and social media marketing

• Direct mailings

• Promotions and incentive programs

• Market research and penetration of new markets


Our specialization on the proposed destinations, supported by selected market research and in concert with data and statistics, together with many years of experience in Tourism Product Management allows us to be able to suggest the best Marketing-Mix (product, price, promotion, distribution) for your tourist offer.

• Analysis of product positioning in relation to the competition

• Analysis and research for the definition of market trends and evolutions

• Development of sites, blogs, social profiles

• Definition of communication strategies

• Creation, support for graphic and design production.

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